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What Is A Web Consultant And Do You Need One?

A website consultant provides expert advice in a particular area such as web development, user experience, and search engine optimization. To best determine the consultant you need, consider narrowing your search to one of these areas.

What Is A Web Consultant?

A web consultant is a broad term as it can apply to consultancy in various website services and technologies like SEO, UX and Web Development.

Consider learning about the various technologies and services you may need so that you can find the right consultant. As a website owner, you should be familiar with these topics, even if it’s not at a very high level.

For instance, if you need a website, learn about Web Hosting to get it online and WordPress for management. If you need to rank on Google effectively, learn about SEO.

Once you are more familiar with these topics, you’ll better determine the right expert you need. You may also realize that you can tackle some things on your own.

Web Developer

A Web Developer focuses on getting your website fully functional which can be a complex process depending on the type of website you need. For example, if you need custom functionality that may not be readily available such as from an existing plugin, you may consider a plugin developer.

A web developer can be a worthwhile investment as it allows you to have a solid foundation for your online business. It can also help reduce potential problems down the road such as from an improperly set up website.

Once you are comfortable enough to maintain your website, you’ll be able to solve many issues on your own. For instance, consider regularly backing up your website files and databases so that you can fix it if it gets hacked.

The SEO Consultant

A SEO Consultant is an expert in search engine optimization. However, SEO is a broad term so focus on the area where you need it most. For instance, consider things like Local SEO vs National SEO. The type of business you have is also important such as Ecommerce or Service based.

When you understand your needs in terms of SEO for your specific business, you can find the right SEO expert. This is how you get free traffic on your site as opposed to Paid Advertising like PPC.

SEO is a very important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Good SEO involves having a web site that loads fast and contains useful information for your target audience. With the right SEO expert, you can avoid Black-Hat SEO which can put your website at risk on search engines.

If you aren’t sure if you need a SEO expert, check out our article Do You Need a SEO Specialist?.

The User Experience (UX) Consultant

A UX Consultant can identify potential problems with your website’s usability. Fixing any present issues can help boost your conversions and engagement metrics. A well optimized website can also help you rank more competitively on search engines.

UX Optimization can help once you have a strong foundation for your business, such as great content and value proposition. Consider a UX Audit as even small details can really make a difference.


Finding the right consultant can be challenging with all the options available so consider to narrow your search so you can find the right expert.

Keep in mind that there are other areas we didn’t cover such as digital marketing consultancy in PPC or Social Media. However, it can be a good idea to first get comfortable with the topics we’ve just covered.

You may also consider checking out our web consulting services at any time.

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