Complete UX Audit

Your website’s user experience (UX) is just as important as its SEO. Without a great user experience, you risk losing out on prospective customers because they may not easily find the information they’re looking for or get frustrated with errors or poor usability.

Enter our UX Audit — we go over some of the top landing pages on your site and give you recommendations so you can start making improvements FAST.

Design Review

How effective is your design? We take a look at the overall design of your website and give you any recommendations we consider would help improve it.

Navigation Review

Great navigation is essential for your visitors to easily get around your site and find the things they are looking for. We carefully look at how well your navigation is set up to ensure that it is effective and can easily help your visitors.

Landing Page Effectiveness

How well do your landing pages achieve their purpose? Is your service or product page effectively communicating your message and making it easy and clear for the user to take the action they are supposed to be taking?

We review up to 3 pages on your site such as your product or service page to make sure they deliver a great user experience and that your message is clear and can easily lead the user to take the intended action.

Mobile UX Review (Basic)

There’s a vast amount of traffic on mobile devices and so it is essential to have a properly optimized website for various screen sizes. Typically this is done by using a responsive design approach — that is your desktop and mobile device share the same content which adapts gracefully to each individual device.

We take a look at the overall design and user experience of your site from a mobile device (usually iOS) by looking at some of your most relevant pages to make sure they are easy to navigate and are also effective at delivering a great user experience, thus leading the user to take action.

Accessibility Insights

Your website should be easily accessible to all users alike — whether that is your average visitor that is likely to easily access the content on your site, to visitors who may need a little assistance in accessing your content, such as those with a disability like impaired vision. — We’ll offer you recommendations on how you can improve your site’s overall accessibility.

Note: This service may include basic observations on how you can improve your website’s accessibility but it is not a comprehensive assessment on accessibility or compliance.

UX Competitor Review

We go over some of the top landing pages on up to 2 of your top competitors and provide you with insightful analysis that may help your own website’s user experience initiatives by looking at what may already be working for the competition and how it could potentially help your site.

UX Video Review

We record a video while reviewing your website with commentary. This video primarily focuses on key areas and provides feedback during the review so that you can have two different perspectives as to some of the recommendations made (written + video with commentary).

This video is approximately 5 minutes long.

UX Action Plan

Our Action Plan will make a prioritized list which includes what we may consider the top items you need to focus on in order to increase the overall user experience on your website.

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